Startup Pitch Compilation

Skip the fluff and pack the punch - find out what attracts investors and learn how you can communicate your business ideas with clarity.

Download the compilation below.

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2018 Retail Trends

If you’ve ever asked the question, “What’s next for the retail industry?”

This ebook is for you. We have included some trends that we think will make an IMPACT on the retail industry in 2018 and what it means to your business. This is the biggest opportunity to improve your operational and business performance significantly.

Speaker Interview: Patrick Simon

Patrick is a senior and seasoned 35-year leader in the retail industry (CEO, President, COO, VP Operations).

Based in Asia for 17 years, he strongly believes that the success of a company is firstly based on its capability to develop an outstanding team and to understand its customers, to anticipate their needs and to master all the details of their shopping experience, making sure to turn each of them into a brand ambassador where the stores become the real physical expression of the power of the brand.

Read more about his strategies in this interview.

Customer Loyalty E-book

According to a Nielson report, loyalty programs are most prevalent in Thailand and Vietnam (69%), followed by Malaysia (62%), Philippines and Singapore (61%) and Indonesia (48%). In recent years, retail loyalty programs have grown significantly in terms of availability and popularity.

Do retailers believe they should have a higher percentage of repeated customers?

Learn from ASEAN's top retailers on their views and the best practices to attract new customers.