Retail Live Future Concept Store Demonstration

What’s in the future of Retail?

Experience the world of retail at the demonstration zone located right in the exhibition hall! Featuring mock-up stores with 4 unique zones of fashion, supermarket, restaurant and warehousing. Product displays and demonstrations are from leading brands such as DVM, Triple Q Fashion, SPD Retail, Quikframe System, RBS design, Bangkok OA Coms, Riverplus and Ocha Pos.

Featuring 4 unique zones

1. Fashion 

  • Effective visual merchandising and marketing affects consumers’ behavior; connecting fashion brands and designers to shoppers.
  • Featuring displays and presentations from: DVM, Triple Q Fashion


  • A zone dedicated to store planners, designers, and supermarket owners, the supermarket of the future features pioneering digital solutions for Point Of Sale systems.
  • Featuring displays and presentations from: SPD Retail, Quikframe,  RBS design, Bangkok OA Coms

3. Café & Restaurant

  • Adapting modern technology via smartphones, tablets and etc. to restaurants offers an easy and interactive shopping experience for consumers.
  • Featuring displays and presentations from: Riverplus, Ocha Pos

4.Distribution Center & Warehouse

  • Merchandise & inventory management system remains at the heart of retail IT and should be well integrated for both big and small retailers.